MV WERFTEN is the beating heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s maritime industry. Luxurious river ships, polar mega yachts and the world’s largest cruise liners are conceived, developed and built here.

The Global class consists of the largest vessels ever developed and built at the shipyards in Wismar; these ocean giants set new standards at lengths of over 340 metres.

With elegant modern exteriors and unparalleled designer interiors, these mega liners are tailor-made for the company’s Star Cruises. Specially designed for the booming Asian cruise market, the Global class ships can accommodate more than 5,000 passengers in 2,500 cabins.

At 340 metres long, 46 metres wide and with 20 decks, travellers can expect a wide range of exciting entertainments. Whether in the shopping mall, swimming complex, theme park or cinema, both action enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility will get more than their money’s worth. The brand-new fleet of 204,000 GT New Panamax class ships guarantees world class ocean travel and will make Star Cruises the largest and most innovative cruise line in Asia.

An appropriate crane is required to assemble these giants. In order to deal with the gigantic dimensions of the Global class ships, Kocks Ardelt Kranbau is supplying a Tukan S, one of the world’s largest double jib cranes. The most important characteristics of the crane, the largest ever built in Eberswalde, are its outreach of 73m, its lifting height of 82m and its load capacity of 50t at 63m and of 75t at 50m. 

The flagship of the Global series will leave the Wismar shipyard in 2020. Then we will look at it and be able to say with pride: “The largest cruise ship in the world? That was built by our crane”.

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