We have an international reputation as specialists in complex crane modernizations, thus allowing used cranes to have a "second life."

Our company understands that crane modernizations are an economically attractive alternative to buying a new crane. We therefore offer tailor-made solutions for all cranes – whether made by Ardelt or a third party. Solutions offered include:

  • Installation of a sophisticated driver’s cabin with air-conditioning the latest crane control seat.

  • Modern control system with frequency converters in all drives and a higher level PLC for energy efficient operation: Controlled drive technology enables smooth acceleration and electric braking thus protecting gears and steel structure; wear of brake pads is almost eliminated. The components of the new control system are installed in a separate air-conditioned electrocontainer. Modern drive technology also means new motors and new transmissions are available on request.

  • Load handling capacity increase and supply of corresponding load handling equipment.

  • Examination of steel structure and, if required, refurbishment of the jib system bearing points.

  • Renewal of rust-proofing for which a modern multi-coat paint system is used.

  • Updated travel mechanism with new gear motors, new magnetic brakes and new motor-driven cable reel.

  • New machinery house trolley with new electric motors, brakes, transmission gears and adapted mounting of crane operator’s cabin.

  • Supply of new components such as load hook and slip ring body.